We like to think of sustainability more as a direction to strive towards, than a goal to be achieved because, after all, everything can always be improved if there is the will to.

Climate change and the related increasingly frequent environmental disasters are showing us the way to follow to avoid very serious consequences, NATURE AND THE ENVIRONMENT MUST BE RESPECTED AND PROTECTED and each of us can do it daily with our own behavior.

Our sustainability is a concrete reality and not a fashion one, or a façade:

  • with a photovoltaic system of about 300 square meters located on the roof of the company, we are able to produce the energy necessary for the operation of the entire cellar avoiding enteringthe atmosphere several tons of carbon dioxide every year;
  • a solar heating system produces the hot water necessary for different processes corporate;
  • a part of our fleet runs on methane;
  • we use only products with low environmental impact in the vineyard;
  • and finally, thanks to a project of fertigation drop by drop which it will be realized within the next year, we will be able to eliminate any waste of water.


vini fermi

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