La Provincia Mantovana e i Colli Morenici

italia, regione lombardia, provincia di mantova

I like to imagine the whole of our vineyards as a path that, winding from north to south, crosses the whole province.

The gentle slopes of the hills of Alto Mantovano, dotted with medieval villages and castles and with their climate influenced by the proximity of Lake Garda, have a loose soil, composed of stones, gravel and sands of morainic origin particularly suited to the production of fine wines, elegant and rich in scents.
Going down to the south you meet the Po Valley with its winter mists and hot and sultry summers. There are two plain areas suitable for the Lambrusco Mantovano production: the Viadanese-Sabbionetano and the Oltrepò Mantovano.

Here, thanks to a soil of alluvial nature with textures from sandy loam to clayey and a hot-humid summer climate, Lambrusco acquires its organoleptic characteristics: intense ruby color, evanescent foam, fruity and enveloping aromas, savory and dry flavor.



vini fermi
salumi con polenta1
botti cantina

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